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Pharmacy 1 Establishment
Pharmacy1 Establishment

It all Began when Dr. Izzidin Aryan, chairman of Pharmacy1 graduated with a pharmacy degree from Damascus University in 1962. Dr. Aryan started his career in the pharmaceutical domain and inspired three of his children to follow his steps and study pharmacy in  the US.


Dr. Izzidin Aryan joined his children in  the US where the wisdom of experience coupled with the energy of youth led the foundation of Pharmacy1.


In mid 90s, the Aryans bought one of the oldest pharmacies in Miami "Robert's Drug Store" (established in 1922), and transformed this old pharmacy into a modern and highly equipped pharmacy and renamed it Pharmacy1. Today Pharmacy1 has multiple locations in the Miami metropolitan area.


Driven by his own beliefs, internal drive and his father's guidance, Dr. Amjad Aryan decided to start Pharmacy1 in the Middle East.

In 2001, the first branch of Pharmacy1 opened, in Amman. A second location followed in 2003. Today Pharmacy1 has multiple locations in Jordan making it  Jordan's leading pharmacy chain.

This renowned success of Pharmacy1 Jordan set the foundation to rapid expansion in the region starting with KSA & extensive expansion plans throughout the gulf and MENA region.